RESI, LLC Rental Agreement

 RESI, LLC Terms and Conditions

This Rental Agreement is made by and between RESI, LLC and Guest as of the date last set forth on the reservation. The Guests and RESI, LLC hereby agree as follows:


Property Location: The property is located at the address disclosed to the guest in their rental quote. This agreement is intended to be a continuing agreement covering both present and future rentals between RESI, LLC and Guest, until terminated. RESI, LLC reserves the right to move Guest to a comparable or better apartment at any time during the lease term should circumstances beyond the control of RESI, LLC occur.

Services Provided: The rental property is furnished and includes: apartment furnishings, housewares, linens, towels, and the following utilities: water, garbage, gas, electric, basic local phone service, and high-speed Internet service.

Rental Party: The rental party and party responsible for payment for the apartment rental and condition of said property is the person who’s credit card is charged for the rental with RESI, LLC. Responsible party must be of 21 years of age or older at time reservation is made.

Maximum Occupancy: The maximum occupancy is the number of people listed allowable in the rental profile or ad.

Term of Lease: The lease begins a 3 p.m. on the check-In date and ends at 11 a.m. on the check out date.

Minimum Stay: This rental property requires a 2 night minimum stay. Longer minimum stays may be required during holiday and other peak seasons.

Rent & Payments: RESI, LLC will charge the guest for the full rent and any applicable pro-rate of current month, in advance of move in. Payment is due upon making reservation. Each additional month’s rent will be invoiced in advance and due on the 1st of each month. All additional charges for amenities, services, and long distance phone bills shall be due upon receipt of invoice. All payments made by the guest to RESI, LLC will be processed through the guest’s credit card.

Payment Qualifications: In the event that the guest credit card is declined, we will promptly ask for another credit card to charge, if the credit card is declined this agreement is subject to cancellation by RESI, LLC prior to move in. Upon cancellation due to unacceptable credit, RESI, LLC shall refund as per our deposit and cancelation policy listed below.

Rental Rules: Rental agreement is between guest whose card is charged and maximum allowed guests. Guest agrees not to sell, lend, encumber, sublet or part with possession of the rental property. Guest does not have the right to assign this agreement. Guest also agrees to abide by the apartment community rules and regulations for the building including but not limited to, rules with respect to noise, odors, disposal of refuse, pets, parking, smoking, number of occupants and use of common areas. No pets are allowed on rental premises without prior written consent from RESI, LLC and an additional pet deposit paid. Parking is limited to your assigned space(s). Any illegally parked cars are subject to towing; applicable fines/towing fees are the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner.

Rental Property Access: Guest shall allow RESI, LLC access to the property for purposes of repair and inspection. RESI, LLC shall exercise this right of access in a reasonable manner. If in RESI, LLC’s judgment the residence or its contents are being abused damaged or misused, RESI, LLC may terminate this agreement and take possession of residence immediately. Such termination shall create no guest rights to a refund of prepaid rental, if any, nor shall it make null and void any right RESI, LLC’s may have to receive damages or unpaid rent.

Loss, Damage & Cleaning Charges: Guest accepts and assumes responsibility for any/all damages or losses incurred to rental property. This includes, but is not limited to guest’s personal property located in or about the rental property. Guest will be responsible for damage, and/or loss to any property, housewares, furnishings and other products provided by RES, LLC. Guest will be responsible for the expense for any cleaning above normal wear and tear. A move-out cleaning charge of $150 is added to all rental agreements, to cover normal cleaning upon vacating of property by guest.

Termination of Agreement: Either the guest or RESI, LLC may terminate this agreement as of the end of the rental stay or any subsequent date by giving the other written notice postmarked at least 30 days prior to the termination date. If guest does not give 30 days written notice of termination then customer shall be responsible for 30 days rent.

Rental Rates: Rental rates are as posted on website, third-party booking sites and in the rental quote to potential guest. Rates are set forth as daily rates (under 7-day stay), weekly rates (stays of more than 7 days), and monthly rates (stays of more than 29 days).

Deposit & Cancelation Policy: Payment in full or 100% of payment is due at time of reservation and will be processed with guest’s credit card. If Guest wishes to cancel reservation, the payment of rent and fees will be refunded as follows: 30 days notice prior to reservation RESI, LLC will process a 50% refund to guest’s credit card, less than 30 days notice there will be 0% refunded to the guest’s credit card for the reserved stay.

Insurance: We encourage all guests to purchase travel insurance to cover unexpected delays and need for cancellation of reservations with RESI, LLC.

Hold Harmless & Blameless: Guest shall indemnify and hold RESI, LLC and the apartment community harmless and blameless against any and all claims arising from guest’s use or occupancy of the rental property or from any activity, work or things which may be permitted or suffered by guests in or about the rental property premises. Guest assumes all risk of damage to rental property or injury to any person in or about the rental property premises from any cause, and guest hereby waives all claims against RESI, LLC.

Rental Stay Extension: In the event the guest wishes to extend their stay beyond the original reservation period, every effort will be made to accommodate such request at the rental property or a property of like size and quality.

Recourse & Default: Any failure by guest to comply with the terms and conditions stated in this agreement shall be a default. In the event collection efforts must be undertaken to recover any amount due RESI, LLC or in the event of a suit or action is instituted to enforce any provision of this agreement, customer shall pay to RESI, LLC reasonable collection costs and such sum as a court may judge reasonable as attorney’s fees in the suit, action, or appeal. Guest shall pay all reasonable and necessary expenses incurred as a result of the default. RESI, LLC reserves the right to terminate this agreement immediately if bankruptcy or reorganization proceedings are instituted by or on behalf of guest. Such termination shall create no right of guest to a refund of prepaid rent, if any, nor shall it extinguish RESI, LLC’s right to collect unpaid rent. Should any action be brought to enforce the terms and conditions of the agreement, that action shall be brought in the State of California, County of San Mateo.

Guest acknowledges that they have read this agreement and understands that they are accepting this rental agreement by making a reservation with RESI, LLC. We suggest the guest saves and prints a copy of this agreement for their records.
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