Furnished Apartments in Mountain View


Resi Housing is proud to provide furnished apartments in Mountain View that have received an Ecovadis rating for Corporate Social Responsibility. Our furnished apartments in Mountain View hold a Silver rating which means that we actively make decisions that reduce our effect on the environment, promote positive labor practices, conduct fair business, and operate sustainably.

In providing these furnished apartments in Mountain View, we do our best to channel the local values into our properties which include a deep-rooted care for the environment and social accountability for residents and businesses alike. RESI Housing is a proud supporter of social responsibility programs because we know that every business has the ability to make their operations into a positive collaborator for a brighter future.

Our furnished apartments in Mountain View are integrated into the local city infrastructure and maintain eco-friendly standards that don’t harm the community. Because Mountain View is such a beautiful place, we aim to preserve this beauty to the best of our ability so that people can enjoy their stay here in our furnished apartments in Mountain View for a long time to come.

Our guest experience is important to us and it extends well beyond the obvious efforts we make in providing a cozy atmosphere with comfortable furniture and quality appliances. These corporate social responsibility efforts that we imbue into our furnished apartments in Mountain View means that RESI Housing guests can feel even more comfortable that they are leaving a smaller carbon footprint after leaving Mountain View and can rest even easier knowing that their furnished apartments in Mountain View had almost no negative impact on the local environment.

Beyond the ecological impact, guest staying in furnished apartments in Mountain View can also feel comfortable that our labor practices and business transactions are verified by Ecovadis to be fair and sustainable! This means that we respect our partners and envision a business in which the RESI Housing employees are a family which needs respect and love.

This adherence to social responsibility was born of our unhappiness with the state of the hospitality industry today. While many of our competitors offer cheap prices, and boast of luxurious amenities, we realized that this came with a larger cost to both the environment and the people who work with these companies.

We decided to do something different to be better and do right by our guests, our staff, and our town. We make it a priority to offer the best accommodations that don’t have hidden costs.

If you are encouraged by our sustainability practices and corporate social responsibility, then book your furnished apartments in Mountain View with RESI Housing today! We look forward to providing you the best experience with the lowest impact. Give us a call today at 800-692-0128 so we can find you the perfect furnished suite right away!