Corporate Housing in Santa Clara


The next time you’re in California, whether it’s for business or pleasure, RESI Housing would love to host your stay. Santa Clara is just one of our many gorgeous locations sprinkled throughout California. If your trip is taking you to northern California, RESI Housing is the place to find quality corporate housing in Santa Clara!

Men and women who find themselves away on business prefer furnished apartments over traditional hotels. The benefits of living in a RESI Housing corporate housing in Santa Clara include, but are not limited to: private parking, and in-unit laundry.

Having a complete kitchen is also a luxury that hotel rooms cannot offer. Our guests enjoy the freedom of cooking their own meals in the comfort of their corporate housing in Santa Clara. In fact, each apartment is so uniquely enjoyable that you might be tempted not to leave!

However, if you do find yourself exploring Santa Clara, you will find many interesting areas to explore. You may also explore the beach, nature hiking trails and so much more. This is a lovely part of California that you want to really take time to enjoy!

RESI Housing goes above and beyond to ensure business travelers receive the highest quality, homestyle stay. Even a busy work trip can be a breath of fresh air when it’s booked with RESI Housing!

When you are staying in corporate housing in Santa Clara, it is our hope that you feel like royalty. A complimentary welcome basket and plush queen-sized beds are a couple of ways we strive to make this happen!

For your convenience, RESI Housing can help you with all your business needs. Wi-Fi and high-speed internet is all a part of your monthly lease. Ensure every aspect of your trip is covered- from fresh linens to a fully-functioning office workspace by letting RESI Housing take care of the necessities and luxuries of your trip.

As you can see, RESI Housing is so much more than corporate housing in Santa Clara. When you plan your trip with RESI, you’re signing up for an all-inclusive vacation experience! We highly value the business of our guests, and we believe in giving them only the highest quality of service.

To book your stay for corporate housing in Santa Clara, give us a call today at 800-692-0128. We’d love to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. We hope to see you soon!