Corporate Housing in San Bruno


RESI Housing is for residential living and we are providers of high quality corporate housing in San Bruno for the traveling executives who come to San Bruno to complete high-power job assignments. At RESI Housing you will find that our residences have been furnished for extreme comfort to make your stay with us at San Bruno a most rewarding and stress-free experience.

We know you will enjoy the personal service that you will receive from our RESI Housing guest specialist who will give your needs for excellent corporate housing extreme attention for your stay with us in corporate housing in San Bruno. We pride ourselves at RESI Housing not just with the service our guests will receive but the overall value for the accommodations that will be available for you.  You will be able to enjoy our concierge services to give you the VIP attention our corporate guests expect.

As you browse the RESI Housing website at  you will readily note the variety of corporate housing in San Bruno that is available for you to make your visit to San Bruno a most pleasant one.  There is comfort combined with elegant corporate housing to meet and cover your needs.  You will also note from our website the amenities that are available for your total enjoyment and relaxation during your stay with us at RESI Housing.

Your corporate housing in San Bruno will have a fully equipped kitchen with top-of-the line appliances which includes a full-size refrigerator, range, stove as well as a dishwasher. You will also have all that is necessary to prepare healthy home cooked meals when it is desired. Of course, you may enjoy many wonderful meals in any of the numerous restaurants that you will find in San Bruno.

Our corporate housing in San Bruno at RESI Housing also includes a washer and dryer to facilitate your laundry days. And while you will enjoy the privacy of your corporate housing at RESI Housing since you will not have maids walking in and out of rooms, nor transients walking down hallways as is the case at hotels, maid service can be arranged for you as an option.

We bring to you spacious and comfortable corporate housing with 800 square feet compared to the average hotel room which is 300. And, yes, when you give consideration and make your choice for your accommodations at RESI Housing in San Bruno, you will be able to take advantage all that is included in your corporate housing leasing fee such as utilities, cable television, Wi-Fi, conference room and more.

Once you’ve had the opportunity to browse our website, call us today at 800-692-0128 with all the details necessary for your stay in our corporate housing in San Bruno, we are certain you will be pleased with the VIP attention you will receive.