Introducing RESI Epic Rewards

RESI Epic Rewards
“RESI is pleased to become the first national temporary housing provider to offer an exciting rewards program to its travelers”, says James Breitenstein CEO and Founder of RESI LLC.

At RESI we pride ourselves on not only giving our guests an epic experience, but by standing out as an industry leader.  We are proud to have partnered with Incentco LLC to launch the first rewards program of its kind in the temporary housing industry, as a thank you to our loyal guests and future ones.

The RESI Epic Rewards program allows guests to earn points through direct booking or booking through our partners, which are immediately redeemable from a selection of the nation’s leading retailers, representing millions of products and brands.

Whether it is golf gear, a night out, home furnishings, the latest fashions, or electronics, we have it covered!

To book directly, please visit our website 

To sign up for RESI Epic Rewards and start earning points, please visit

RESI Residences are the Key to your Your Super Bowl 2016 Strategy

Super Bowl 50 is almost here!  We are so proud to be right in the middle of the action as Santa Clara and the surrounding communities get ready for the big event at Levi’s Stadium. This year, it’s being called “The Golden Superbowl” in tribute to our hosting state of California.  Check out all of the game details here.

550 Moreland # 2806 (7)Planning to go but haven’t booked a room?  We’ve got your back.  We planned ahead and secured multiple residences to fit your every need. Some of our locations even have a view of Levi’s Stadium from the property terrace or balcony.

Here’s what will make your stay with RESI golden:

  • Our residences average 1,000 square feet vs. 300 square feet in an typical hotel room.  Think about that.  Why be stuck in a small, impersonal hotel when you could relax in a home-away-from-home with plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy life?  Even if you are a local, booking a residence for friends, family or co-workers can make a fun stay-cation and a great way to enjoy the game!
  • No Super Bowl is complete without provisions, and we offer full sized kitchens with refrigerators to make sure you can fill them with all of the beverages and snack food that you want to have on hand. Go ahead and make your famous chicken wings and pick up some of our local craft beers or wines!  Stock up on coffee and breakfast items and eat when you want, without surprise room service and mini bar charges.  Whether or not you wear pants is up to you.
  • Living Room BHave a favorite lucky jersey?  We feel ya.  With in-residence laundry, go ahead and wear it, spill on it, then wash it and it’ll be ready to go the next day.  Whether you are celebrating victory or suffering defeat, we get it. Life is messy.  You shouldn’t have to pay for that.
  • You’ll have your very own, trained Guest Specialist.  It’s like having a hip friend in the neighborhood to be your guide, whenever you need them.  Need help finding a grocery store, restaurant, local attractions, transportation, babysitters?  We’ve got the scoop on where the locals go – and we’re happy to help!  Don’t just take our word for it, check out the rave reviews  from our guests.

So, what are you waiting for?  Visit our special Super Bowl 2016 section of our website to get started.  Team RESI is ready to make this a WINNING experience for you!

San Mateo County Wineries & Breweries

Hidden Gems of San Mateo County

This picturesque area is full of boutique wineries and micro breweries.   Hang out where the locals hang out and enjoy wines from all over the region or zip at local wineries or check out hand-crafted beers at one of our local San Mateo County brewing companies.  

Cuvee Wine Cellars

Cuvee WineryThis boutique urban gem is tucked into the heart of industrial San Carols.  The name Cuvée—the French term for a blend of wines, usually of different varietals and/or vintages—to express the collaboration of wines and winemakers.

Cuvee’s fruit is sourced from premium vineyards located in the Russian River Valley, Santa Cruz Mountains, Carneros, El Dorado and Napa.  You can enjoy the complexities that these regions have to offer all in one stop at Cuvee.

1001 Washington Street

San Carlos, CA 94070



La Nebbia Winery

La Nebbia WineryLa Nebbia Winery is less than 3 miles from the sandy beaches of Half Moon Bay.  Sip and swirl handcrafted wines while enjoying a picnic in their gardens or playing a game of Bocce Ball. This charming winery offers a barrel to bottle program where you can join in on the fun and bottle your own wine and take it home.

2341 San Mateo Road

Half Moon Bay CA 94109



A Grape in the Fog 

Grape in the FogThis charming Tuscan seaside inspired wine bar in Pacifica boasts boutique wines from around the world.  Their menu is always new and fresh and visitors can relish in wines by the glass, bottle or enjoy a whole flight. 

Dine on one of their sumptuous cheese or charcuterie plates or share a few dishes from their small plate menu with your friends.  Sunday nights, guests are invited to dip their spoon into a delicious pot of gumbo.  Check out their website to keep up on the live music schedule.

400 Old County Road

Pacifica, CA 94044



Domenico Winery 

Domenico WineryThis family owned and operated boutique winery pours Italian varietals and has been producing award winning wines for over 20 years.

We love their tasting room with the sweeping 24 foot wine bar to belly up to.  The lavish and lush tasting room can easily accommodate 200 guests for your special event. 

1697 Industrial Rd.

San Carlos, CA 94070



Barterra Winery

Baterrra WinerytBarterra has a  super cozy tasting room is sure to draw you in after a day at Half Moon Bay’s best beaches.  It is always fun to meet the owners, and Bart and Mary will likely be there ready to pour a sample of their wines.  You will find unique artwork by local artists adorning the walls as well as traditional Italian snacks and gourmet chocolates for purchase.  A beautiful (pet friendly) courtyard waits for you where you can sit and enjoy your wines.

 643 Main St.

Half Moon Bay, CA 94019



Wine not your thing? We have you covered.  San Mateo offers up many great brewing companies for you to drink down the suds.See some of our favorite choices below:

Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company

Devil's Canyon Brewing CompanyProduces award-winning, sustainably handcrafted beer and root beers.  San Francisco Business Journal readers voted Devil’s Canyon “Best Beer” in 2014.   “Best Bay Area Brewpub” in 2015, and “Best Bay Area Beer Bar” in 2014 and 2015. 

You won’t want to miss out on this architectural beauty complete with reclaimed lumber throughout, and state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly infrastructure.  You must try their barley wine, Barrel of Monkeys or the deep caramel flavors of the Full Boar Scotch Ale.

935 Washington Street

San Carlos, California 94070



Hop Dogma Brewing Company

Hop Dogma Brewing CompanyThis wonderful hotspot bubbles with beer enthusiasts enjoying the small batch hand crafted ales and lagers.

You are certain to find hop forward IPA’s, Pale Ales as well as pilsners and ambers.  Plan on making new friends as you belly up to this bar as it is not just a brewery but a place to make enjoy a beer or two, celebrate life and make a few new friends.

30 Ave Portola #1B

El Granada, CA 94018 



Half Moon Bay Brewing Company

Half Moon Bay Brewing CompanyYou don’t want to miss out on this picturesque view overlooking them marina, the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company is a casual coastal venue filled with surf memorabilia and hand crafted beers.

This family friendly atmosphere is complete with home brewed beers, live music, sustainable seafood and with dog friendly patio is the perfect spot to kick back and enjoy your day. Full menu available including a Sunday brunch is the favorite spot for visitors as well as locals. 

390 Capistrano Rd.

Half Moon Bay, CA


At RESI Housing we like to make your stay exceptional. Ask us about nearby restaurants and attractions or read through our guest book to help find your way around your new city for your business or vacation stay.

8 Tips for Moving with Children

Make the Moving Transition Easier for Kids

Change can be exciting, refreshing and a path to new opportunities. Moving to a new home, a new town, and a new job comes with the excitement of new and fresh, but it can also be heart wrenching and painful for children. Creating a stress free and successful move for our children begins with us adults. Whether its a temporary relocation to a new town or a new home just down the street, preparing your children for the change is key.

RESI Housing knows how stressful moving can be on families. As a company, we offer relocation help for temporary assignments by taking the stress out of the moves. Being prepared for the move is the key. Below is a list of what has worked for our families here at RESI Housing when we have moved with children:

    1. Keep your children in the loop and involve them in the process: Kids like surprises when they show up in a wrapped box filled with goodies or treats and but not so much when they are sprung on them last minute. Tell your children as soon as you know you will be moving. Being upfront with them and including them in on the planning process will give them ownership into the move. Even if you are only considering a move and you are waiting for the contract to be signed, sealed and delivered, tell your children. Get them involved on the conversation as early on as possible so they have time to digest and process what could happen.Take pictures of your new home or home options and share them with your children: By including them in the process as much as possible, you allow them to be a part of the change and not just affecting change into their life. Be clear that you will hear their wishes and everything will be taken into consideration with the final decision being up to the adults in the family. Remember to listen. Be present and hear what they are saying. Give them a safe, comfortable environment so that they will share the fears, their excitements and their concerns.
    2. Assume nothing and explain everything: Expectations that are not communicated along with assumptions often result in tears. Assume that your children know nothing about what it looks like to move and fill them in. Something as simple as packing up your stuffed toys, sealing the box and throwing onto the truck can be traumatic for a young child. They don’t know where their toys are going.Assume nothing, and be very specific and detailed when explaining the move process to children: Tune into their visual cues. This technique alone can tell you a great deal especially with smaller children who may not be able to vocalize her concerns or fears. It may be helpful for them to pack a special box of their toys, a box of prized possessions that goes directly from the old house to the new house and doesn’t get tossed in with everything in the moving truck. Reassure them that all their belongings will be delivered to the house; however, the special box will be the first box they get to see at their new home. Make it a game. Make it exciting! Children love to play games.
    3. Going away party: Plan a special goodbye for your home with your children’s input. The going away party may include their favorite pizza from the pizza parlor down the street and all their neighborhood friends. Invite the neighbors for a special good bye. Don’t forget to get email addresses and phone numbers so that children can stay connected. Invite your guests to join you for a potluck. Creating a special goodbye with the help of friends and family will create a wonderful memory that your kids will remember.
    4. Get to know your children’s school: Just as you spend a lot of waking hours at work, your children spend a lot of time at school.  School is a major part of our kid’s lives. The temporary assignment or relocation move will be less stressful if your children are happy at their school. As soon as you know where you are moving; contact the school to get information, photos, and what documents and paperwork are required for registration, so the first day of school can come off smoothly. Talk ahead of time with your children’s teachers and principal about any special concerns and needs, so they can provide the support your children will need from the beginning. As soon as you have moved, set up an appointment to visit the school with your child, so your child can get to know the school themselves before their first day.
    5. Kids room first: Make it a priority to get the kids room set up first. Getting them settled and into more familiar surroundings will be key to a less stressful transition. The kitchen can wait! Work with them to unpack and arrange all their clothes and furniture. Set up their stuffed animals and all their pictures.

Include them in on the process by choosing a personalized color for the room or by choosing a brand new bed spread. Make their room special for them and do so right away. By creating a comfortable quiet space for your child, they are guaranteed a spot all their own to take a break from all the hustle and bustle and stress of moving.

  • Change can be FUN: Take a break from all the unpacking and have fun as a family. Check out the neighborhood restaurants or fun things to do in the area. It’s ok to splurge and go over budget a little as long as you plan for it. Buy your child’s favorite snack or find the nearest pizza restaurant and check it out.

Take a trip down to the local mall and purchase something special for their room. Get a map and try to find the town parks and choose the best park and make plans to visit there again soon. Hop on your bikes and explore the neighborhood familiarizing yourselves with the new streets and surroundings. Look for fun things to do in your area and activities that your old house didn’t have. Change can be fun, just remember to take time to enjoy the fun!

  • Be gracious and be patient: Slow down and say thank you. Remember this is a huge change and your children are along for the ride as well. Be patient with them as they learn and adapt to all these changes. Reward them for good behavior and for pitching in and helping. Rewards come in all shapes and forms. Offer a movie after dinner on the big screen as a reward or maybe 15 minutes playing their favorite video game. Remember they are adjusting to all the changes and may need just a bit more of your patience and time.
  • Make it special:  Take some time and find activities or programs for your child before you hit the to do list again. Sign your child up for camp or classes at the theater. Helping them get acquainted through small organized groups or clubs will help them build friendships.  Your kids will feel like they are on vacation with all the special attention and new fun things to do.

Silicon Valley furnished apartments

Children and relocation are never easy, but it can be simple and more stress-free with RESI Housing helping with relocation details and taking the time to ease your children into change. So if you are moving to the Silicon Valley or will be coming to the Silicon Valley on temporary assignment be sure to look at our beautiful Silicon Valley furnished apartments for your stay.

Making them part of the process will smooth the transition for everyone. Give us a call at RESI Housing at 844-512-7374 or fill out our contact form and one of guest specialists will be back in touch promptly to make sure your stay with us is exceptional.

Take a look at some of our wonderful reviews and you’ll know why people choose RESI Housing time and again for their relocation or temporary assignment housing needs in the Silicon Valley.

Relationship Success Tips for Temporary Relocations

I’m Moving & My Spouse Isn’t–Now What?

Usually we don’t go into a relationship thinking wouldn’t it be great to live separately! Unfortunately life doesn’t always deliver us the easiest assignments. Rather than looking at it as a completely bad deal, try to look at it as an opportunity for positive growth in your relationship.   As we know, it is not always possible for both people to move with a temporary relocations or temporary assignments.  Reasons are as varied as the people; careers, children in school, finishing a degree, parents in ill-health, finances, and finish the sentence.

As a corporate housing company, our RESI Housing guest specialists get to hear the challenges people encounter when they accept a temporary assignment or temporary relocation. At RESI Housing, we often offer our compassion and suggestions to help smooth your transition to your new city of relocation.  We offer some suggestions below from years of helping people make the best of a temporary assignments or relocation when only one of you moves to the new city.

Planning & Communication is Key

Communicate and manage your expectations: Communicate clearly about your needs, wants, finances, children, career, communication and anything else of importance for you as a couple.  Try to under promise and over deliver to minimize disappointments. Try to keep your pictures/expectations around how you feel your relationship should look like in check and try to appreciate your relationship/life for how it is in this moment.  You can feel compelled while in this arrangement to always have your sights on the future, and although it is important to have something to look forward to in the relationship, it is equally important to nurture yourself and each other in the present moment.

Set common goals: Setting common goals can be unifying as a couple even and maybe even more importantly when you are in different cities.  Setting goals can help you get clear about why you have made the choices you have and give you both a path for achieving those goals while you are living separately.

Talk about your finances: Clear communication is important about finances since this can be one of the trouble areas for many relationships.  Living separately for a temporary assignment can put a strain on financial roles and responsibilities.  It is better to be clear with each other ahead of time about expectations and responsibilities as responsibilities can shift while living separately and it is important to discuss the challenges that you might face beforehand and how each of you will handle what comes up.

Maintain open communication: With a plethora of technology available to us, it is easy to email, text message, or voicemail the person you love to let them know you are thinking of them.  Sometimes a daily lengthy conversation will not possible, so bits and pieces during the day help say, “I’m thinking of you and I love you.”  This does not mean that you need to be in constant communication, as this can put unneeded strain on a relationship.  You will want to keep the spice and positive tension up in your relationship, so a little spontaneity and mystery in the relationship is a good thing.  But do make a point of discussing communication with your partner especially if you differ in your communication styles. Know what works for each of you before going into this time apart when it comes to communication and the relationship can be that much stronger for the temporary time apart. Asking each other what makes the other person feel loved is important, because you may be giving what you would want to get to feel loved when that is not what makes your partner feel all warm and fuzzy.

Create connection–embrace technology: With online photo sharing websites, Facebook, Facetime, and Skype you can shorten the distance between you and your spouse by sending photos of each other to share your lives while apart.  The partner, that has relocated can greatly enhance connection and trust with their partner at home if they are able to share parts of their new life via technology.  Technology can help bridge this distance with Smart Phones sending impromptu photo opportunities and being able to Facetime-it’s easier than ever to say I love you and that you are thinking of them. A novel idea is with a GoCamera attached to your head you bike through your new city and give your loved one an individual tour of your new neighborhood or a tour of your new apartment. You can also use the video setting on your phone to do the same tour, but a GoCamera lets you be hands free and choose your mode of transportation, be it bike or trolley car.

Keep it positive: You are not always in the best of moods when the phone rings, but do try to be positive when you pick up the phone.  If you feel for whatever reason, that you cannot be positive at that given moment then let the call go to voice mail and return the call later that day. The last thing anyone wants is to call and be met with negativity.  This doesn’t mean you should sugar coat your interactions, it just means that you should make a conscious effort to monitor what is necessary to communicate and what is not.   When the person on the other end of the line hears you are excited to hear from them, this has a ripple effect in a positive way.

Don’t take things too personally:  Days can be busy and commitments are many, a day of missed communication is probably not about you, but more about scheduling. Keeping a scorecard when it comes to each of your behaviors in your relationship will only result in misery for both you and your partner.  So try to be compassionate and understanding. Relocation and temporary assignments brings their own stressors and being supportive allows the person to also be supportive of you.

Jealousy doesn’t work: It’s about TRUST.  If you could or couldn’t trust the person you’re in relationship with when you were living together the same is probably true now.  If they want to cheat, they will find a way whether living together or not. Spending energy and time worrying about this, will not lead to a positive outcome, but rather will build contempt.  If you don’t trust your partner or tend to be a person that is prone to jealousy, consider whether a long distance relationship is the best choice for you.

Make the time you have together count: Make the time you have together special and take turns planning activities for your next long weekend together.  When you do have time together, make sure the majority of the time spent together is quality time and try to keep “housekeeping” conversations to a minimum during these very important connection times.  Remember it’s not what you say that your partner will remember, but rather how you made them feel. We remember what we feel when someone acts a certain way or says something far longer that what they said or what they did or did not do.

Relationships do not succeed or fail due to a temporary assignment, rather stressed relationships generally worsen and thriving relationships grow.  As a couple, the health of your relationship will be determined by your commitment, trust, communication, common goals, respect, responsibility, and a sense of humor.  A temporary assignment can be an opening to your personal growth and a thriving relationship, it’s all in how you approach it.

Road Warrior Airline Travel Tips

Stress & Long Distance Travel

Trips, whether they are for business or pleasure, often times require long airline flights, but they don’t need to be exhausting or stressful. A little planning before your flight can make a world of difference; increasing the probability that you arrive relaxed at your final destination.  Over the years most of us, through trial and error have come up with our own systems for preparing for our trips that make business and personal travel less stressful; but if you are looking to refine your system, here are our suggestions for arriving at your destination rested, relaxed and energized:

Before Your Flight Tips:

  • Three to five days before your flight try to reduce your appointments and free up your schedule.
  • Be realistic and don’t over promise or make commitments, which you may need to bail on at the last-minute. Preparing for a trip takes time.
  • If you are traveling with children, allow extra time for packing.
  • Print up your travel itinerary ahead of time and pack in your carry on. Also leave a copy of your travel itinerary with a trusted friend or loved one.
  • On the topic of packing: There are generally two types of packers: the pack rat, and the minimalist. Both of these types of packers can lend themselves to problems if either is taken to the extreme. In the case of the minimalist, one can end up spending money on items that were deemed unimportant, that were left at home, and for the pack rat, most items that you think you could not live without, you actually can. Also consider that unless you are traveling to a very remote location, most places will have a store, if there is an item that you find you just cannot live without then pack it.
  • Which brings us to carry on items: Plan carefully the items you pack in your carry-on luggage. Also do not bring too many carry on items. When the airline states 1 carry on and 1 personal bag, they actually mean 1 carry on and 1 personal bag. Besides creating animosity amongst fellow travel partners, or other passengers, due to excessive items that are impinging on their personal space, it does not make for a relaxing trip.
  • Relaxing, getting a good night’s sleep, and drinking plenty of water can help your immune system stay healthy.
  • 48 hours before your flight increase your fluid intake to at least half your body weight; the more the better.
  • Increase your intake of fruits and veggies, which can help prevent bloating and water retention.
  • If you or someone in your travel party are prone to motion sickness, be sure to pack appropriate medication in your carry on luggage.
  • If meals are sold on your flight, order ahead for a low-fat, vegetarian, vegan or diabetic meal, they are usually fresher than the standard meals offered.

Carry-On Packing Tips:

  • Make sure your carry-on bag is lightweight; retractable wheels are helpful, because a loaded bag can weigh in excess of 25-30 pounds. Check ahead of time with airline on carry on restrictions; airlines can vary on their restrictions.
  • Quart size zip lock bag filled with 3 oz. containers; check current TSA rules.
  • Protein bars-most airline snacks are high in carbohydrates and low in protein-your energy will be better with a Cliff Bar, Lara Bar, or other high protein complex carbohydrate bar with equal fat, carbohydrates and protein.
  • If traveling with small children, make sure to pack kid friendly snacks as well as activities to occupy them during the trip such as coloring books, books, activity books, a favorite stuffed animal. Bring a combination of novel items as well as favorite items, but nothing with many small parts a these can get lost and make for unnecessary tears.
  • Bring a pack of gum to help clear little ones’ ears when taking off and when landing.
  • Buy organic pre-moistened anti-bacterial towels.
  • Non-caffeine herbal teas, such as chamomile or bottled water with natural apple cider vinegar and maple syrup added, can help you stay hydrated.
  • Buy spring water once through the security checkpoint. Stay hydrated.
  • Taking Airborne, Emerge-C or your favorite remedy can help protect your body from catching a cold or flu from people sitting near you on the plane.
  • One change of clothes per traveler, including underwear, and your 3 oz toiletries. If you have checked luggage this gives you clothes to wear in case your luggage does not show up at the airport on time.
  • Any prescription medications, extra contacts (eyes tend to dry out during flight), supplements or any over the counter drugs you want to have on hand.
  • Copy of your prescriptions, list of allergies, and color copies of passports.
  • Small pillow or garment that can be rolled and used as a pillow.
  • Disposable toothbrush with toothpaste included.
  • Wear loose-fitting slip on shoes; it makes it easier to fit your shoes on after you land plus your shoes are much easier to take off during security checks.
  • Also wear comfortable, loose clothing.

  Tips for During Your Flight:

  • Move around every few hours to maintain good circulation.
  • If traveling with children, try to avoid sitting in the middle aisle and opt for an aisle seat if possible.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Avoid carbonated beverages, alcohol, or caffeinated beverages; they can increase water retention, and can tend to dehydrate your body.
  • Sleep or rest. In flight air is thinner and planes are usually hotter; go with the natural rhythm of your body and take a little snooze.
  • Trying to fit in extra work during your fight may seem like good time management, but in reality taking time to pamper yourself with reading, watching a movie, or listening to music can prove more beneficial as you will arrive feeling relaxed, and recharged.

Simple planning and common sense ideas can help make a long airline flight seem shorter and less stressful allowing you to be well rested and in top form for your trip, business meeting, or vacation. Share with us on Facebook some of your best airline travel tips.

Excellent Vacation Rental Choice

More Square Footage

Stretch out and enjoy RESI Housing for your next vacation rental; so much more space than a hotel room and most of our properties sleep 5-6 people, think of the savings!

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Stress-Free Business Travel

Unparalleled Customer Service

Choose RESI Housing for your business travel needs, you’ll find our 24 hour customer service is professional, prompt, and accessible.

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Short-Term Furnished Rentals

Outstanding Amenities

Experience the RESI Housing difference, spacious, furnished, beautifully appointed apartments and homes that take the stress out of business or vacation travel.

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San Mateo County’s Top Scenic Sights

Great Day Trips & Adventures

Not far from San Francisco, the San Mateo Coast is filled with spectacular beaches, charming towns and all sorts of interesting things to do and see. If you are seeking quiet beaches and small towns, you will find the San Mateo coast most alluring.  The dramatic coastline will beg you to pull over and take out your camera.  The enchanting little towns will lure you right into their magic.  Grab your sunscreen, hiking shoes, camera and check out our some of our favorite spots along the San Mateo Coast.


MaverickPacifica is said to be the most panoramic coastal town in the San Francisco Bay Area known for its breathtaking vistas.  On a clear day, the Farallon Islands, only 30 miles, can look close enough to reach out and touch.  This town with its variety of beaches, trails and parks is a quick trip from San Francisco and even has its own Castle.  Sam’s Castle was built in 1908 by Henry Harrison McClosky and was a former brothel and speakeasy. 

This beautiful town is full of unique shops and welcoming residents. Pacifica becomes a famous surf town when the best of the best big wave surfers come to one of the most famous invitational competitions in the world to compete in the Titans of Maverick each year.

Devil’s Slide

Devil's SlideJust over a mile, this multi-use trail was once part of Highway 1 that gives hikers, cyclists, runners and equestrian’s access to the rocky heights high above the Pacific Ocean. Devil’s Slide was once a dizzying drive where motorists would want to keep their eyes on the road and avoid the temptation to glance down at the Pacific Ocean below.   

Hikers will find benches outfitted with observation scopes to take in the breathtaking views of the rocky coastline below. This old bluff top highway has now been transformed into a great trail to slow down and enjoy the spectacular views.    

Montara Beach and Lighthouse

Montara LighthouseJust 25 miles south of San Francisco, Montara State Beach is a popular location for visitors who can explore the beach tide pools or go surf fishing. The beach is guarded by low hills both to the north and south with shops, restaurants, and grocery stores nearby.  This cute little beach town has its own lighthouse perched high on a bluff overlooking the Pacific. 

This historic lighthouse is still operating aid-to-navigation and also has been converted into a hostel through a partnership with California State Parks.   If you are looking for sunshine amongst the coastal fog, Montara Mountain, also known as McNee Ranch is the place to go. Rising almost 2,000 feet above the beaches of Pacifica,  McNee ranch is the only undisturbed coastal mountain habitat found in over 100 miles of coastline.

Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay Golf LinksThe oldest settlement in San Mateo County was called the Spanishtown in the 1840’s.  This quaint town’s historic downtown is home to art galleries, restaurants, bed and breakfasts, and numerous shops. 

Local beaches and parks welcome equestrians, pedestrians and cyclists. Sunbathers or surfers can choose from the picturesque beaches including Venice Beach and Redondo Beach. Half Moon Bay is also home to Northern California’s luxury golf course, Half Moon Bay Golf Links.  

Pulgas Water Temple

PulgusA quick trip east from Half Moon Bay, you will not want to miss out on this architectural beauty.  The water temple is a monument to the engineering marvel that brought Hetch Hetchy water more than 160 miles across California from the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the Bay Area. The aqueduct itself is a monument celebrating those whose engineering methods were used to transport and revolutionize how water was being utilized.  

The Hetch Hetchy project took 24 years to build through the great depression at a cost of $102 million.  If you love architecture, you may recognize various reflections of Ancient Greek and Roman style, including fluted columns and Corinthian capitals reflecting the genius intellect of ancient Western Civilization.  An inscription at the top reads, “I give waters in the wilderness and rivers in the desert, to give drink to my people.


FiioliAfter you visit the Pulgas, be sure to take the 5 minute drive to the Filoli.  This is truly an amazing attraction filled with sweeping green lawns, endless gardens and beauty located 30 miles south of San Francisco, Filoli is a historic site of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Filoli features a 36,000 sq. ft. home and a 16 acre English Renaissance Garden.  The property also includes a 6.8 acre Gentlemen’s Heritage Orchard.  Be sure to check out the blooming calendar so that you will know what is blooming at Filoli on your next visit. Filoli is recognized as one of the finest remaining country estates of the early 20th century and is a cherished resource for the community valuing education, volunteerism and diversity.


PescaderoThis enchanting little town tucked in the rolling green hills with its working farms and gorgeous sweeping coastal views is truly a hidden gem. Pescadero is a favorite for the outdoor adventurist with its extensive rural roads for cyclists as well as endless hiking trails. 

Visitors have easy access to the beaches, rocky shores as well as the meadows of the Santa Cruz Mountains.  Be sure to stop by the Pie Ranch, yes they make pies!

Ano Nuevo

Ano NeuvoAno Nuevo State Park is an extraordinary outdoor experience.  Each year, up to 10,000 elephant seals return to breed, birth and molt their skin on the beaches of Ano Nuevo.  Birdwatchers can expect quite a show as well when you hike out along the ocean bluffs as Ano Nuevo Point is a major bird migratory route. 

The scenic dunes and beaches of Ano Nuevo are also home to a natural history exhibit, bookstore and theater.  With the seals being the biggest attraction, you can enjoy these massive beauties with a docent tour or a self-guided permit system.

This is only a partial list of all the amazing sights there are to see in San Mateo County. Every few months we will spotlight some of our best finds for day trips when business or vacation travel brings you to San Mateo County. Many of RESI Housing’s most beautiful apartments are only a short drive from some of these incredible attractions. So be sure to give us a call or view our listings when looking for San Mateo County corporate housing or San Mateo County vacation rentals and we will be sure to make your stay with us exceptional.